About phil Blech Vienna

About phil Blech Vienna

The idea to start a brass ensemble with two percussionists first came about during a philharmonic concert tour in 2010. The goal was to maintain and foster the Viennese brass and percussion tradition, but also give that tradition new impetus. phil Blech Wien are 15 musical personalities from respected Viennese orchestras, they are friends and colleagues who all studied in Vienna.

The ensemble is made up of 5 trumpeters, 3 horn players, 3 trombone players, 1 tuba player, 2 percussionists and the musical director. The ensemble’s instrumental configuration is that of a Viennese orchestra: rotary valve trumpet, Vienna horn and Viennese timpani create the soft, round, harmonious sound which is typical of that city.

phil Blech Wien has very quickly made a name for itself and the ensemble’s success lies not only in the talent of each individual member but above all in its synergy.

The repertoire – works from the operatic and symphonic literature – is a perfect fit for the group; the works are the ensemble’s own arrangements and not only allow each musician to shine, they also allow the music to be heard in a whole new way. The Viennese brass and percussion tradition is alive and kicking.

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